flinc Netiquette

If you often use ridesharing, you might already know what is important if you share a ride. In order to inform all new flinc users how you can create a good experience for driver and passenger, we would like to share our “netiquette” with you:

Create a proper profile

The profile is your identification at flinc - you show others who you are. Other users prefer to share their rides with you, if you have a complete profile: Your real name and a photo is the best identification. It creates trust, as you can recogize your driver or passenger directly.

Be on time

This is one of the most important rules to start the ride with a good spirit: Be on time at the arranged meeting point! That is why you should clearly agree on a departure time - you can call the users or write them a message. Should you be a little late, don’t worry. This can happen to everybody. It is important that you inform your driver or passenger immediately!

Keep your ride schedule up to date

If you have any regular rides in your schedule and go on vacation or you are not reachable over a longer period, please remember to update your rides. Should you not react to a ride request, other users might be disappointed and your chance to find a ride will be less in the future. This would be a bad experience for everyone. Therefore, you should only offer or search for rides, if you really want to use them.

Communication is very important

You should make sure that you are reachable for other flinc users, especially directly before you start a ride. Any unforeseen circumstances, like traffic jams, delays or change of plans won’t throw you off course, if everyone is reachable.

Be considerate

Our flinc users respect each other - especially during the ride. Please behave during the ride the way you would like your driver or passenger to behave themselves: Leave the car in the same condition as you entered it, always fasten your seat belt and turn down the volume of the music - except if you all want to start rocking together!

Have fun!

No matter if you are on your way to friends, to the gym or to work - we want you to have a great experience with your shared rides. Please enjoy yourselves and have fun using flinc!

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