Which questions regarding liability and insurance do I have to consider?

All insurance issues for ridesharing are clearly regulated by German law. All passengers are insured in case of an accident by the personal liability insurance and the social insurance of the driver. No matter, if it is a private ride or a ride to work, the driver does not have to get additional passenger insurance. In case of very severe accidents the minimum cover limit of the motor vehicle liability insurance (7.5 million euros for personal injuries, 1 million euros for property damages) might be exceeded. However, most insurance companies grant cover until 50 or 100 million euros in general for personal, property loss or damage (with a maximum limit of 8 million euros per injured person).

It is important that the ride is not for commercial purposes. As soon as it is a profit-oriented or commercial ride, there is no coverage by the personal liability insurance or social insurance. A ride is profit-oriented when the price is higher than the operating costs.

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