How do I use flinc in NAVIGON?

flinc is available in all NAVIGON apps for Android and iOS.

1. Activate flinc in NAVIGON


In the menu at the bottom click on "More" and then on "flinc". Register or log in with your credentials.

NAVIGON Android:

In the NAVIGON settings click on "flinc". Register or log in with your credentials.

2. Offer a ride

Enter your destination and start your ride! If flinc is activated, the flinc button on the display show "Have a nice trip!" and your ride will automatically shared on flinc. Passengers can now request your ride.

3. Accept a passenger

You will see a pop-up with all kinds of important information about your passenger. Click on "Accept" and your navigation system will lead you directly to the pickup location and then to the destination of your passenger.

Tip: Enter your rides 3 hours before your departure

Offer your ride via flinc website or app ca. 3 hours before your departure to increase your chances to find a passenger. A ride that you have already entered in flinc, automatically appear on the start screen of NAVIGON. Click on the ride to start the navigation immediately.

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