Help us to make our apps even better!

You own an Android smartphone or iPhone and would like to actively get involved in the enhancement and improvement of the flinc apps? Then you are more than welcome in the flinc test community.

flinc thrives on your feedback. It is important for you what you think about our product, what you like about it and what we can improve. In the test community it is possible for you to incorporate your own ideas and test their implementation before it is available in the appstore.

As a customer and software user, you come first at flinc. We test any changes of our iOS and Android apps in detail before they are released. True to the motto "More eyes will see more", you can help us detect bugs to improve the flinc experience for all users.

What do I need to join?

  • An Android smartphone with Android 4.0.3 or greater
  • OR an iPhone with iOS 8 or greater

How do I receive the test version?

You can download and install the latest test version of the flinc app after your activation as a tester via Google Play (Android) or via Apple's "TestFlight" app (iOS).

Are you interested in joining the test community?

Please contact Alexander via e-mail (

You don't want to join the test community but you want to provide your feedback?

This is how you can provide feedback

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